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Donation Refund Policy

The Sarathi Youth Foundation offers a refund policy to donors only if the donor has mistakenly made a double payment or made an additional payment due to an error / technical reason for the transfer.

We would be happy to refund the donation if the donor informed us by email (sarathiydo@gmail.com) / letter (via courier only at our Solapur office) and claimed his / her return within 7 days from the date of donation and can expect a refund within 30 calendar days from the date of the refund request.

Refund information will be notified by email / letter with full details. Refunds will only be made by account payee cheque or NEFT in the name of the donor party.

No refund /cancellation request for the donated amount by any donor will be entertained for online donation through the online payment gateway after the donation is accepted by our online payment gateway service providers unless there is a fraud notification from our payment gateway service providers.