About Us

Sarathi Youth Foundation (SYF) is a registered Non-Profit organization under the Societies Registration Act & BPT Act in 2010, with the aim to work for & with the young people, to support them to grow as an Independent, responsible and productive human being. Sarathi founded by the Social Work Professionals, to work with the youth for the overall development.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. For such a state of equilibrium, Sarathi is working on issues like Gender sensitization, Gender equality, Teenage Body changes, body development, love & attraction, HIV/AIDS & Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) & Human Sexuality and de-addiction. In an age of rapidly evolving technology, it has become much easier to find information about HIV. But there is no guarantee of how true this information is, how accurate it is. So Sarathi started Prerna Project in 2010 for creating awareness about Gender sensitization, Gender equality, Teenage Body changes, body development, love & attraction, HIV/AIDS & Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) & Human Sexuality. The subject of HIV was included in the school curriculum but due to some social difficulties and inadequate information, the teachers have difficulty in presenting the subject to the students. Based on the experiences gained through the Prerna project, Sarathi has tried to give scientific answers to the questions in the minds of the youth by published the book “उकल युवा मनातील एचआयव्ही घुसमटीची.

The growing addiction among the youth is a matter of concern and needs to be seriously considered. With this in mind, Sarathi started the De-addiction Helpline and “Tobacco Anonymous” meetings which provides counseling on addiction. At the school, college and community level, lectures and sessions are organized to create awareness. Taking note of this work, Salaam Mumbai Foundation, Mumbai has selected Sarathi to implement Tobacco Free School Campaign in Solapur district, and for the last two years, Sarathi has been successfully implementing Tobacco Free School Campaign in Solapur district. Sarathi is also working as a member of the district committee of the District Tobacco Control Program.

Sarathi also carried out various activities like Diwali with the deprived, relief to the disaster victims, distribution of clothes to the needy, distribution of food grains to the needy, medical aid, educational aid, tree planting, blood donation camp, health camp. Sarathi has served more than 55,000 youth through his work.

: Registration Details :

SYF is registered under the following legal provisions:

Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950: Regd. No. Maharashtra/ 919/2010 Solapur, Date: 26/02/2010

Society Registration Act, 1860: Regd. No. F/21519/Solapur, Date: 10/06/2010

Permanent Account No: AALTS4266M

Exemption under 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961: Registered

DARPAN ( NITI Aayog, GOI) : MH/2018/0200704

Company Act 2013 ( CSR1) : CSR00021313 dt. 27-01-2022

Vision & Mission