De-addiction Project


  • Reducing misconceptions about tobacco addiction through expert guidance.
  • To create awareness among the adolescents and youth in the age group of 14 to 40 years by reducing the pressure of peers.
  • To develop preventive measures and skills.
  • Sending for inspection as required.

About Project

De-addiction Project is Initiative of SYF which was started in 2013 for Tobacco De- addiction awareness in School, College & community adolescents & Youth group. The growing addiction among the youth is a matter of concern and needs to be seriously considered. In general, 4 to 5 out of 10 households in the society are found to be tobacco users. Addiction is a serious issue that starts mainly with tobacco use. The youth group is more attracted to it. Once addicted, it becomes difficult to quit. Sarathi has emphasized on preventive measures for tobacco addiction. Sarathi started the Tobacco De-addiction Project in 2013 to awaken the youth in the society. With this in mind, Sarathi started the De-addiction Helpline, which provides counseling on addiction. In order to keep the youth away from tobacco addiction, Sarathi raises awareness among school, college and community level, Ganpati Mandal, Navratra Mandal, Yuva Mandal and company workers through tobacco sessions, poster display and various competitions. Educating adolescents and Youths about the side effects and prevention of tobacco addiction can help them to stay away from tobacco addiction. Along with this Sarathi Started “Tobacco Anonymous meetings” to deal with tobacco patients. To date, more than 26,803 youths have benefited from the public awareness program.